About Mars

Mars Groves is a cybersecurity professional and the founder of Groves Press where he provides quality content, copy, and ghostwriting services primarily for the cybersecurity industry around the globe. He is currently obtaining a Bachelor's in Science at WGU in Cybersecurity and Information Assurance and had completed a cybersecurity bootcamp at UC Irvine. He is the top 3% on TryHackMe and is passionate about cybersecurity and education. Mars is motivated to share educational content and resources for anyone interested in the cybersecurity field.

In his spare time, he is probably hacking, learning how to code, reading non-fiction books, meditating, journaling, trying new food, or watching memes of cute and funny animals. Sometimes, he likes to make music or edit videos for fun when his "creative itch" kicks in. An ocean kid at heart–the sea will always be his preferred place to be–where he enjoys himself having a good time and keeping it zen. Aloha!